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Dear Participants,

The Centre for Experiential Training (CET) was established in year 2003.

It aims to enhance the professional development of helping professionals like you, namely the counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, case workers, occupational therapists, healthcare practitioners, supervisors, teachers and volunteers.

We bring in cutting edge training from overseas that give new and fresh perspectives to your clinical and social work practices, so that you need not incur exorbitant costs in travelling overseas to attend such valuable training. This is welcomed by you, our faithful and valuable participants whom we constantly strive to meet your training needs.

We believe in the fundamentals of training to be relevant, applicable, and effective that is easily transferable and adaptable to our social work practices and real life counselling. This has ensured that the skills you acquire from attending CET training workshops is applicable to a wide range of issues and grievances confronted by your clients.

Hence we only focus on providing very experiential and highly skills based training. You will learn how to work with your clients’ presenting issues through actual case studies, trainers’ demo and role plays. In addition, you will gain the lived experience of what’s like to be a “client” for a greater insight into your client’s world. This will enable you to have both the head knowledge and skills in attending to your clients’ deeper needs.

We recognise 'no one size fits all’ and you have different preferences and styles of working with your clients. So we bring in training with different skills and therapeutic models to suit your different needs.

We value your feedback and we take your feedback very seriously to maintain the high standard and high quality of training that CET has been providing you all these years.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you in our training workshops.

Yours sincerely

The Centre for Experiential Training



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